What's happened to the "recent comments" thread?

 I'm having trouble finding my way around.


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Huh? Right below the Busted Tees ad

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Where you been girl?

Obviously, she's been out Christmas shopping

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for all of us here. So then, what'd you get me, huh? huh? huh? What'd you get meeeeeeeeeeee?

I hope she got you some pants

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or at least some speedoes


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are for Coaster. Pants aren't hip.


Have you tried the "All Crankyland Activity" tab at top?

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It makes it even easier to follow the goings on in New Crankidonia than it was to keep up with things in Olde Crankylande. 

That is unless you're trying to keep up with someone's blog who only edits in updates rather than doing a new entry, 'cause only new entries register on the Activity radar. 

Monday, the temperature in my corner of the Hell that is Oklahoma will be 8 degrees.  Please provide a Canadian address to which we can send your weather which was obviously shipped to us by mistake. 

I couldn't see the "All Crankyland Activity" tab

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It's white letters on a white background.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

I meant link, not thread.

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I need it back!

Regarding blogs, I thought we were supposed to do it the way I am.  I never really expected anyone to read it, anyway.

Speaking of crappy weather, I think we got a foot of snow out here today.  Naturally, I didn't bother to pack a shovel.  I'm currently snowed in, as I can't make it past my driveway without getting stuck.

Cabin fever?

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Or should I say igloo fever?

If you're not alone and you run out of food there's always cannibalism

Too bad about that snow way over there

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Put another log on the fire

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And have a refreshing Lime Pepsi

Ha-ha. No, thanks!

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Ha-ha. No, thanks!

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