What's your favorite sexy movie moment?

Before they introduced the notorious Production Code in 1934, some Hollywood movies were remarkably sexy. (Josef von Sternberg's movies with Marlene Dietrich, for example.) One scene I particularly remember was from the Rouben Mamoulian musical LOVE ME TONIGHT in 1933. In that one Jeanette MacDonald (pre-Nelson Eddy) played a princess who falls in love tailor Maurice Chevalier. There's a great scene where she's in her undies and has him take her measurements. (Before the Code, Jeanette's movies would always include a scene with her in lingerie.) She clearly enjoyed being measured!


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Every sexy moment in Body Heat made me want to have some sexy moments, too.

There are several

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But if I had to pick just one, it would be from Shakespeare in Love, when Will undresses Viola by unwrapping the white towel that she used to strap her breasts down.

Wild Things

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Neve Campbell,, Denise Richards and the highlight of their collective careers.

Do funny sexy moments count?

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Both scenes were from the movie Fargo...

When the bad dudes settled into the same motel room, each with their very own prostitute.  Then watching Johnny Carson afterwards.

Later, the funny-lookin' dude hooks up with the gnarliest prostitute in Minneapolis, and hilarity (really bad sex) ensues.

Funny sexy scenes

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 Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson's sex scene in THE TALL GUY was pretty funny.

Sexy or romantic?

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 The eating scene in Tom Jones, Charles II and Lady Celia taking over from Merivell in Restoration, Vanessa Redgrave doing the tango with “Bugatti” in Isadora - and just so you know that I stopped in to see what this new site is all about, the honeymoon night of Henry and Cecily in Travesties Redux.


I'll bet my avatar won't display - what's up with that? 


Splendide mendax!

Hi, Philm Phan!

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 Hope you visit again.

When Mandy...

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...Peppridge disrobes and begins the masturbatory sequence while Bltuo watch from the ladder.


Long live Animal House!

The entire time

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Tilly and Gershon are onscreen in Bound.

Jennifer Tilly is always attention-worthy

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But Gershon is neither attractive (IMO), nor can she act.  I've always thought Cher should've had the role.

Btw, Jennifer Tilly is 50 years old.  50!!   That almost qualifies her as an elderly lady, right?

Tina Turner is much older

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But I wouldn't call her elderly

Terri, you tarty thing,

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I must disagree with your assessment of Gina in this movie. The Tillys (both of them), are extremely pleasing to look at and would warm the cockles of any elderly gentleman.

I agree with the Reverend Mother about Body Heat

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Kathleen Turner and William Hurt had some sexy scenes in that one. Too bad Bill turned gay in Dance of the Spider Woman and Kathy caugh FCD.


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Another I remember is Kevin Costner undressing Sean Young in the back of a limo in the 1987 thriller NO WAY OUT. (Washington limo companies have since made a rule against sex in their back seats.) Sean's awkward acting somehow actually added to her sex appeal.

And don't forget Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse in the Mickey Spillane-inspired "Girl Hunt" number in the '50s musical THE BAND WAGON.  Or Gene Kelly with Cyd in the (ahem) climactic number in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.  Cyd knew how to MOVE!


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

One of my favorites...

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...is in Murder by Moonlight, between Brigitte Nielsen & Julian Sands.


It involves gun-belts.


When Denzel Washington asks Ethan Hawke to man up...

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...Man up dog, Man up!

Ethan then exhales while caughing and Denzel says, "virgin lungs! Man up dawg! Man up!"

There is not a better love scene then that.  There's nothing sexier, in the same way that an I-Phone is considered sexy. 

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