"Where the Wild Things Are" teaching children to masturbate?

That's a fallacy

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There are traditionally two viewpoints on the topic of masturbation:

  1. It's completely natural
  2. It's evil and sinful and shameful, tut tut

If you subscribe to the first viewpoint, then children don't need to be taught how to masturbate.  It will just come to them naturally, and the notion that a film is needed as a tutorial is patently absurd.

If you subscribe to the second viewpoint, then look at the masturbation rates of your fellow man.  It is clear that *anything* and *everything* teaches children to masturbate, so the notion that one particular thing can be singled out as a source beyond all others is patently absurd.

QED bitches.

When I think of the Virgin Mary

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I touch myself

In other words

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Because everything teaches kids to wank, everything is evil. (Now it's clear to me!)


I touch myself.

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When I think of Crankyland...


~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


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