Where Xur? Where's Mal?

Oh I see, Xur was Barack, and Mal was really Michelle all along.


You two really had us fooled!


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I've been busy

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Job, moving, sick, traveling, etc. etc.  Real life has gone into overdrive lately... I expect things will normalize somewhat after the new year.

So....... anybody seen a good movie lately?

7th foot washes up on West Coast

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I'm worried about Mal. It's only a cheap New Balance though, so perhaps she's all right.


Another severed foot has washed up along the banks of the Fraser River in Richmond, said RCMP Const. Annie Linteau.

A New Balance runner containing human remains was found in Finn Slough in the south arm of the Fraser, near the end of Garden City Road.

I'm keeping very close track of my feet, RF.

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I drive a standard, after all.  I need both of them.

I'm not up on the news, btw.  Has anyone figured out who's been donating all these feet?

Seems like they'd eat out the chewy center before tossing the ..

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That's wasting meat!

A sasquatch, perhaps.

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The speed at which the horsemen* investigate things probably has something to do with the inverse proportion of native hookers missing from East Van. In other words, a competent investigation will be a long time coming.

*horseman = mountie for the uninitiated.

^^^Hey, don't accuse my kin without good evidence!

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Where you living now, Zur?

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As for good movies, I have high hopes for Quantum of Solace, but won't know fer sure until this wknd.


Still in DC, HS

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Just moving across town into a swanky new bachelor pad.  Lucky for me, it's a renter's market nowadays!

I'm here, T.

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Been busy, believe it or not.  Just got back from Bellingham.  I visited my dad for the first time in 5 years.  

I need to get my sights on a new cult-status flick...

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...or catch up on a famous one.  I'm thinkin' probably Raging Bull, and Means Streets if it's available.

Can anyone sugest a good cult flick? A real hard to find not well known?

A Boy and His Dog

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It spoke to me for some reason

All love stories should end in cannibalism

a note to Ryan O'Neal

Ah Bellingham. The fond memories I have of that place...

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We crawled off of our bateau tied up in the harbour and made our feverish way to Cap's, I believe. Damned if there wasn't a lineup to get in the place, and it was only 5:45 in the morning. Cap's didn't open until 0600. Insulted at having to wait in a lineup with three in front of us, we made our way back to the bateau, fueled and left.

Fucking regulars screw up the best-laid plans.

Ah the life of a vole fur trader

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How many voles does it take to fill up that boat?

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