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Another Republican Hatchet Job

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Notice that the "student's face is blurred in the video?  Why is that?  It's because those little fucktards were sent there to provoke the congressman. They're not legitimate students on a legitimate assignment. If they were, there would be no need to obscure their facial features.

I only wish the congressman has been a little more aggressive and kneed that rude little bastard right in the face. 

TYT's response to the video

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Nice to see some neutral reporting here.

Listen, this event has sparked controversy all over youtube, with the majority of posters saying the congressman is out of line, and TYT as well.  Now if the kids had repeatedly heckled this man down the road beforehand, I would be a little more understanding of his reaction, but he's already come forward and appoligized for his behavior, and I have not heard of him saying that the kids had repeatedly badgered him beforehand.

On the other hand, the video is clearly edited, one part is slowed down and is inconsistant with the audio, then it jumps to the second camera halfway through (I assume because the congressman grabbed the 1st kid's camera) and of course the kid's faces are blurred out, which is suspiscious but is really more of a right to privacy.  You can't prove their motives.

I was with Coaster on this in the morning, but after much arguing with other youtubers, and a few reviews of the tape, I'm gonna have to say the congressman was out of line, unless we hear more happened beforehand, which I haven't, I have to say the congressman acted inapropriately.

Yes, it's true, movie stars and government officials all get heckled by the press, and the papparazzi make me upset when they provoke stars into hitting them and then who knows, maybe they sue There's a good one of Quentin being provoked by a camerman on youtube, he maintains his cool though.  It's a good comparison, simply search --quentin tarantino papparazi-- on youtube and it'll come up.

The difference here is that the kids don't continually badger the congressman, he apparently immediatly leaps into action, but as I said, the video is edited so who knows?

When I saw this on the regular news, I mean the Daily Show

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His face wasn't blurred out it was just the copy I posted

A congressman should be able to conduct himself better than that despite what's going on and especially not grab a young man. Unless of course he's into that sort of thing and many in congress seem to be these days.

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