Who here doesn't have an HDTV yet?

I only ask because one of my new sites is giving a 40" Samsung away for free.

Of course, you need Twitter to enter the contest, and I'm not sure how many of your guys come out of the dark depths old-school forums to know what else is out there...

But anyway, you really can get a free, high quality TV, courtesy of me, myself, and I. At LCDTV.net.


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I don't

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But I wouldn't watch it much, so I don't deserve it.


No HDTV here.

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In fact, my entertainment system still uses videotapes to record programs.  It's been a giant pile of fail lately, so I'll probably see what Wal-Mart has in the $200 range, which is believe it or not, quite considerable.   I have a 39" CRT type TV.  I'll probably go with an HDTV when this one breaks.  The last tV I had lasted me nearly 30 years.  So I'll be looking to upgrade when I'm about 87. 

Thanks for your heads up on your contest.  I don't use Twitter because NOBODY would be interested in my thoughts/happenings and I myself don't know of another human whose thoughts/happenings I'd be interested in receiving.  I'll just read them on FB at my convenience.  Having my phone bug me everytime it receives a tweet would be unnerving.  Yeah, I may be too old for Twitter.  and GET OFFA MY LAWN!

Though it might be fun to subscribe to John Hodgeman's Feed. 

Coaster don't tweet?

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Then who the hell has been tweeting me?



Yeah, you don't have to send

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Yeah, you don't have to send stuff to your phone. That's not even default behavior.

But there are some funny streams. If you ever do get on it, also follow Sarah Silverman and Conan.

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