Who was tonight's Master Debater?

So who got you off tonight?  Politically speaking that is! 


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Si Sue Puede!

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Well, the whole affair was rather limp.

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McCain had a strong opening statement and a very strong answer to the "Russia" question, but other than that, I'd say Obama was better.  That said, it was a better matchup than Kerry-vs-Dumbya back in '04.



Well I didn't see much, but in the recaps...

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     I was glad to see Obama brought up the fact that McCain voted for the war and said it would be easy.  McCain talked about how he's been to afganistan and he's been to such and such and he knows what to do, but he never said what he was going to actually do.  He just wanted to point out his experience.  To me it doesn't matter how much experience you have if you make bad decisions.  You can have 20 years driving experience and still be a bad driver.  McCain has sided with Bush 90% of the time.  Although he brought up that he's opposed Bush on many things I just don't believe him.

My wife watched the whole thing, and she said characterwise,
McCain was more ignorant and insulting, while Obama had less hatred and was nicer about the whole thing.  She also said McCain didn't look Obama in the eye when he said things about him, while Obama always looked at McCain when he was talking about him.

Evereyone said Obama has passsed the test in terms of whether or not he's qualified to handle the job as president.

Obama is quite skinny, and in comparison to McCain, McCain carries more presence, he was also more insulting.  This may mean a lot to some people, that Obama appears weak in comparison to McCain.

I still think McCain is a Bush supporter who is just now trying to distance himself from Bush at the last minute.  I don't know why so many people are buying into it.  Maybe they want to believe he'll make a difference, some for racial reasons, others for experience.  I just don't know.

Obama is a very calm person

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It's just part of his demeanor. I think this irritates McCain to no end. McCain came off as a hot head and irrational at times. When he talked about Russia I said to myself "Oh shit!". I don't think McCain will be a good diplomat as president. I'd much rather have a president who in calm in a crisis.

We all can pretty much guess what's going to happen in the Biden vs Palin debate. It's going to be a blood bath if the Republicans can't control the situation. I'm hoping her performance will help McCain lose the election. McCain keeps saying Obama doesn't have the experience and Palin does?

I thought they both did well

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Nobody came out clearly ahead; your perception of who 'won' will largely be a function of your politics and beliefs heading into the debate. Obama may come out ahead on this one as foreign policy is perceived to be his (and the democrats) weak point, and he definitely held his own. You may not agree with his ideas and policies, but he is aware of all the major foreign issues of the day and has specific remedies for each, and that is probably more than many people expected of him.

McCain was already supposed to be good at foreign policy, so it would have been hard for this debate to help him much in that regard. It could have hurt him, though, if he had come across as 'erratic' or unduly confrontational, but he was about as measured, collected, and well spoken as his opponent, so that will be reassuring to the undecideds as well as his base.

It was mightily refreshing, however, to see a political debate that, for the most part, was substantive and about the issues, rather than the superficial fluff that usually dominates these things. The next two (presidential) debates should be quite interesting, and I'm looking forward to them.

*You* are OBVIOUSLY biased

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by your inherent and inescapable rationality. 

McCain did nothing to separate himself with Bush

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And he clearly still thinks Reaganomics works.

Obama scored points with that talking to our enemies. I'm curious as to what McCain is referring to as preconditions before he will talk to a foreign state.

Obama should have asked McCain what he feels constitutes victory in Iraq

I wonder after the recent economic crisis how people will see us spending 10 billion dollars a month on Iraq?

Coaster, your avatar rocks!

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I'm a DRABBLE fan too!


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