Why Bipartisanship is a Scam

Rajah can you express your own opinions?

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This is getting tedious.  You keep posting links to a show that is all opinion.  Tell us what you think.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Oh I know what he thinks....

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That Cenk Uygur is da bomb. 

Dan, I like the clips.  Just my opinion. 

People should tell what their link is about

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At the very least.  Most people don't like to click on a link blindly.  Even that crazy Chinese spammer tells you what his link is about.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Would you have clicked on " for all you lovers out there"

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if you knew it was Muskrat Love?

I do say what links are most of the time and express my opinions. Sometimes the link expresses my opinion so much better and sometimes I don't agree with the clip I just think it's damn funny. Tedious is my middle name btw...

No, but luckily, I had my destop shotgun handy...

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And I was able to blow away the monitor and speakers before the first note of that abomination soiled the sanctity of my computer room. 

You owe me $350.

A Rajah scoreboard

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Rajah, over the last 10 weeks you have posted 44 new topics that received no comments.  So that works out to 4.4 per week.  I did a little subjective evaluation of those 44 topic posts.  23 were vague (52%).  17 were fairly clear (39%).  4 were clear (9%).

Most people in Crankyland are probably too polite to complain about this.  I have some suggestions.  How about posting in existing threads more often instead of creating so many new topics that go nowhere?  However you post, give us a few sentences explaining what your link is about.  Surely a short paragraph is not too much to ask for.

{;-) Dan in Miami

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