Why can't I post in the MAX PAYNE forum?

My wit runneth over!



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'Cause they're waiting on me so I can grab "Firsties!"

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Your wit runneth over?  Indeed it does.  I know from the basement you lead an interesting life.  I wish you'd blog more about your life, that is if you're into sharing pieces of your life with the general Cranky riffraff.  It would be something I'd be interested in reading.

Just a thought.  And God knows how rare those things are for me.

I'm going to do some more blogs soon

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But all my tuits are square at the moment. (It'll happen when I get a round tuit.)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

That sucks. Somehow the

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That sucks.

Somehow the comments were turned off?  Not sure how that happened.  They should be on by default.

Thanks for asking.  I was wondering why there were no comments!

It's fixed now.  Flood the page with your wit.  Please.

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