Why hadn't I seen this before?

Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All Out Attack

Just the title should have brought it to my player sooner, maybe I overlooked it, I don't know, but this 2001 update of these 3 plus Baragon is pretty darned good for what it is.  The special effects and camera angles on the monsters were quite good, and even though Ghidorah Mothra and Baragon all act stupid at times, hey, they're giant monsters, what else should I expect?  Overconfident Japanese military leaders haven't seen the Zilla man in 50 years?  Some civilians think he's a myth?  So they've gone back and updated these 4 and done a good job of it.  Even the weapons the Japanese used made sense, far more than the lightning generators or half a hundred other bad weapon concepts the early movies thrived on.  Wulfgar?  If you haven't, see this.  Plus the line 'burning pile of rubble' is wonderful.  My girlfriend actually enjoyed this one even with my comments during.  Now where's my video stores updated Gamera movies dammit!


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