Why progressives are angry with Obama

Sigh. Funding more paper pushers does not support education

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The US federal department of education never educated anyone.  All they do is generate more paperwork.  Yes US kids are getting a crappy education.  To improve the situation do the following:

1)  Spend more money to make the school year longer.


2)  Teaching is hard work.  Teachers who do it well should get more merit pay.


3)  Teaching is hard work.  Teachers who don't do it well need more mentoring from the very good teachers.


4)  Yes students need to be tested at least once a year in order to evaluate the best teachers and schools.  The test should be standardized and difficult instead of easy.  We are in a world economy and we need citizens who are educated well enough to function and be able to think clearly using reason and logic.  Teachers complain that with standardized tests they are forced to teach what will be on the test.  Yes!  Exactly!  In the lower grades you want students to learn the basics.


5)  Eliminate the worst public schools, private schools, charter schools etc.  


6)  The best public schools are the ones that face competition.  Charter schools and vouchers for private schools will increase that competition.


{;-) Dan in Miami


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Dan is a closet Canadian socialist.

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