Why would any sane person vote republican?

Mitch(da rich)McConnell says the wealthy has been hit hardest by the recession



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The solution

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Why would any sane person vote democrat either?  The solution is to not vote at all and instead stockpile ammunition. 

I never voted in the last election.

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Instead, I saved my vote for the Tea Party so that I can vote twice in the next election. I'm waiting silently in the wings for the Party organizers to get the show on the road and explain to voters everywhere why they are such a viable and sensible alternative to existing politicans throughout the nation.

The images of screaming people, misspelled signage, guns and old people portrayed by the lamestream media as attending Tea Pary revivals are and indicator of how popular and mainstream their platform has become. I can't wait until Tea Partiers control both houses of Congress, the military, nuclear weapons and the ovens.

It should be a good show.


I'm not too thrilled with the Dems in Congress either

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But they sure beat these extreme rightwing candidates emerging in the primaries. The average Republican is batshit crazy but these Teaparty candidates make the establishment Republicans look sane by comparison. Even the GOP puppet masters like Karl Rove don't want them. I'm now thinking that the goal of the Teaparty is not so much to seize power but to make our government so bad no one will want it to continue.

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