Wish she had gone to my highschool

Student's photo banned from yearbook

Who are these nerd student editors, young republicans?



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What a slut. There's something touching

elderly_gentleman's picture

about over 27,000 comments (so far) calling her a slut in a nice way.


27,000 comments? Really?

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Yes, but aren't all those negative sluttery-bashing comments a form of bullying?

Oh, wait, it's happening in America. I forgot for a minute that the country has become a bad joke foisted upon itself.

Thanks for the comedy gold. Speaking of which, so was last night's Republican nightmare. I'm much amused by the eagerness of those morons to be concerned with what goes on in the bedrooms of the nation's citizens. Are Repubbies closet pree-verts or what?

They all say they want small government

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 Yet they want one big enough to be in every woman's uterus

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