Without an anesthetic or lubricant, John McCain gets a Colinoscopy

Today on Meat the Press, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president. In doing so, he cited reasons such as McCain's likelihood of picking several more conservative supreme court justices, Obama's ability to inspire the populace, and McCain picking an "Ignorant honkey ho" as his veep candidate.

Republican talking heads reacted immediately by calling Colin Powel a "Secret Muslim who has spent many years studying terrorists and terrorist countries" and by saying "Well yeah: Their kind always sticks together."

Read about it here.

Nice to wake up to news like this on a beautiful Sunday morning. 


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I heard that Powell

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was in the Weather Underground. It wasn't raining, so I'm not certain why that was mentioned.

Obama should pick him for secretary of state

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Or secretary of defense

Bush screwed Colin over first by not listening to him and second by making him look like a fool in front of the U.N. with those bogus WMDs

I was just reading an opinion

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that Powell is just a tad late in jumping ship, given the propensity for quite a few newspapers to have endorsed Obama in recent days. He appears to be a bit of a laggard. On the other hand, I suppose, never too late for a Republican tool to abandon a sinking ship. Unfortunately, the ship has already gone down, and Powell is merely clawing at the only raft left afloat. I do think he'll manage some sort of appointment out of it and shall thus be championed as a savior of Repubaboobie pride.

I can already predict the rabid Fox declaring a brother for a brother.

Ha Ha. Republicans are turning on each other like rabid dogs.

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