I sat mesmerized throughout this thing. Rourke is almost unwatchable - in a good way.

Tomei, for a 45-year-old, had guts to put on a show, and she did it admirably, both in body and mind. She obviously worked her ass off - literally - to get in shape to work her ass off.

As with JCVD, both of these guys put their money where their mouths were. While JCVD obviously didn't earn the credits, it did put an actor out on a limb for all to see and judge in a faux docudrama.

I left both of these movies exhausted and exhilarated.

And that's all I want to see of art imitating life for this year.

Any good road movies coming up?

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best movie of the year

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It starts slow, and ends with such a simple, but glorius shot.

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