The Wrestler.

Saw this yesterday.  Like Requiem for a Dream, this is one tough film.  The whole thing is fairly predictable, but Aronofsky still paints an impressive palette for Mickey Rourke to work with.  If his performance isn't quite as astonishing as other Oscar-worthy self-destructive roles (Nicolas Cage's blistering non-method work in "Leaving Las Vegas" comes to mind), it's still quite good, although at this point I prefer Frank Langella as Tricky Dick in "Frost/Nixon" for Best Actor.  And I'm not the first to mention that his screen character's comeback from career oblivion closely mirrors Rourke's own life.  I'm torn about the film's ending - on the one hand, it's a bit unresolved; on the other hand, it fits the character's catharsis perfectly.

Oh, definitely worth mentioning is that Marisa Tomei spends most of the film topless, with pierced nips.



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