WTF! A computer question here

I have a Hoyle Boardgame CD that I've been playing for over a year. Now my anti-virus program has quantined it. How the hell did a virus get in there? I'm off line when I play it. So what do I do, get another CD?


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What anti-virus software are you using?

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When the AV software does/did its scan, did it come up with a name for the virus? If so, google the virus name and see what the results say about it.

Avanquest System Suite 10

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It simply said "Trojan"

What's a condom doing on my CD?

I've never heard of that one, but that doesn't mean anything

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I looked at Avanquest's site, and there is free telephone support if you're paid up, or you can send them an email. I'd go the phone call route were I you (if you have the time to waste waiting in line). I suspect that it's a matter of a simple inclusion of the program disc you're using into Avanquest's database. It happens from time to time.

Normally, if the software had an actual trojan, Avanquest should give it a name. Given that you've been using the disc for so long, I'd click ignore and carry on, since there's no trojan name. But do give them a call or send an email describing the problem disc by name and a description of what transpired.

Is there a program menu selection where you can send the suspect file to Avanquest for investigation? All of the good ones offer that option.

If you're not a paid subscriber, there are other free programs available to replace Avanquest, but they require manual updating and scanning unless you subscribe to the paid version. The freebies do, however, run in the background and monitor your system for active threats.


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