WTF? Hey Coaster, explain this one

It's been explained

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"The Director of National Intelligence, the Justice Department says, 'has set forth a more than reasonable basis to conclude that harm to national security would result from the disclosure of whether the NSA has worked with any telecommunications carrier.'" Evidently, THE OBAMA's transparency in government has limits. That being said, I doubt THE OBAMA's administration will flaunt the law and outright disregard the law as did the previous First Dude (I forget his name). That should give you some measure of solace.

Scant solace

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"Evidently, THE OBAMA's transparency in government has limits." That's a nice way of putting it.  A less nice way: Obama thinks that if you're the "lesser evil" a very small difference is enough. 


Don't be so surprised. If

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Don't be so surprised. If you actually thought Obama was going to give up any of the new powers that Bush and his cronies acquired, think again.

Obama is still a politician, through and through, and what they want most is power. Obama will utilize this power gladly and thank Bush in secret for it while grasping for more power. He probably got a shiver down his spine when he forced Waggoner out of GM. Now that's some real power!If you've spent anytime in a political environment, like a state capital, you easily see how intoxicated these goons and thugs get with power, even the lowest bureaucrat who has the power to deny you something that might seem insignificant. It's a natural high that very few can resist. Their businesses fail, but they don't care. Their wives leave them, but they don't care. They have their power. And they only care about getting more power. To perpetuate the system. It really is eerily like a drug junkie. It's disturbing to see unfold.

Politics naturally attracts the corruptible and easily addicted, and it gets more true the higher up you get, because the genuinely good guys are weeded out early on. My dad personally knows one representative here in Kentucky who just got fed up with the mad, mindless rush for more and more power and ruined lives, and left after one term (2 years), even though he would have been reelected easily. See, the sane ones end up leaving early in the game because they don't want to end up like the other junkies. Of course, it's these types of people you would want in the thick of things, but they always leave early, leaving the slime.

If anyone aspires to be President of the United States, to willfully try and have executive power over hundreds of millions of people, I automatically don't trust, especially if that's what they wanted since middle school like Hillary Clinton.

I subscribe to the political game theory...

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...Obama still wants the support of most of the country.  He still wants them to feel safe.  He's stopping (or at least it's looks that way) the torture at guantanamo bay.  But he's not gonna stop everything.  Not all at once, at least.  If he does, it'll piss too many Bush supporters off.  He'll have the naysayers all over him.  Also, I just realized, HE'S GONNA WANT A SECOND TERM!!  Yes he's supposed to be changing things, but he can't change 'em too much or he'll lose the support of those that put him in office in the first place.  That small percentile of undecideds and republicans that became disgusted with their own party.

     I must agree with you about the power and corruption.  The guy went from being a senator to flying around the world in a private jet.  Although he did state in so many words, recently in a forum in europe, that he can't simply have coffee in a cafe in France by himself at his own leisure anymore, due to his popularity and security.  It was a big change for him.  Whether or not the newfound crowds will make him feel good or make him feel weird remains to be seen.  Some people can handle being a celebrity and some people can't. He has definitely become one, at least on an international level and in addition to that, he has the power as well, like you said.

You no longer have to worry about illegal wiretapping

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Isn't that a bit of a change?

I can't help but find this troubling

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Is it so hard to shake off the trappings of the previous administration?

Is this to leave the door open to do a similiar thing or is he helping to cover up another's misdeeds?

Yeah, I get all this looking forward let's don't live in the past crap. But if we don't prosecute these violations of our constitution are we not condoming them?

In many cases Obama is willing to take the bold moves. So it puzzles me when he does something like this.

The opposition is going to hate him no matter what so why cater to them.

I voted for him but I'm not going to follow him blindly.



Or do you?

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Democratic administrations have a long history of promising they wouldn't do something then doing it anyway.


So wait, the wiretapping has stoppedbut they aren't prosecuting?

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and that's it?

Obama administration dead wrong

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