X-Man, Hamartoma and Wilson07: Their heads are exploding right about now

A black Democrat has won the White House, and it wasn't close.

I'll bet the N-word is being used furiously today at redneck workplaces all over America.

Republicans ended up being bent over in a number of states. In my red state though, the fascists...uh, I mean Republicans swept virtually every office. I'm expecting a secession movement to start any day now. I wonder what the right will do next to undermine democracy in the United States.


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McCain wins by 5 points!!!!

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Oh, but only in America's butthole, Bakersfield.

I wonder if Coaster will ever see the booze that he bet White Trash Wilson.

Don't sell Wilson short

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The bet was that I'd buy the Scotch if a Republican won and he'd buy me a remote control dragonfly if a Democrat won.

It is a mistake to assume that all conservatives are racists but perhaps not a mistake to assume that all racists are conservatives. 

I've seen nothing here or elsewhere to indicate that JWilson is a racist, and in fact have seen evidence to the contrary when he got on my case for disparaging Jews, not realizing at the time that I was one. 

The mind-boggling thing

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McCain, who had almost nothing going for him, still managed to get 46% of the popular vote!  As a percentage of those eligible to vote (not those who voted), he managed some 29%, the biggest Republican figure since 1984!

Oh well, Kerry in 2004 got a similar share of eligible voters, the biggest Democratic figure since 1964. (Increasing turnout has that effect.)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

I'm a wittle bit proud of meself today

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I didn't call my brother last night to gloat

I think that was very large of me

Re: seccession. Any state

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Re: seccession.

Any state that wants to leave because "we elected the nigger"... America's better off without 'em!

Good riddance! Remember, it's the red states who consume more money in federal services than they pay back in taxes! You want to talk about a sure fire way to kick-start the economy? Kick the red states out of the union!

The red states are making themselves irrelevant

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Forever lagging behind the rest of the country. I know for a fact that many didn't vote for Obama simply because he is black. Well, at least the rest of the world now sees that we aren't all so backward.


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Obama's b-b-b-b-b-b-BLACK?  Shit!  I didn't know that.  I read my e-mails, so I knew he was an anti-Semitic Muslim who hates America and wants to take out guns away, but Black?  You'd think somebody would have at least mentioned that.

We're pretty much screwed now, aren't we?

Obviously so, since he's from the country of Africa.

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Thankfully, that fount of knowledge on the Constitution, NAFTA and world geography is back in hillbilly heaven, where she has a clear view of Russia's foreign policy.

Do you really have to wait until January to be rid of all the fundies? Couldn't there be a coup?

Surely it's all Bill Clinton's fault.

Someone was telling me today he wasn't really black

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He's an arab. I asked "How do you figure that with his father coming fron Kenya?"


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is an Arab from Kenya? Do tell.


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What can I say?

McLame really a vampire shockah!!!

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I'm going to miss McShame uttering...

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Hmmm I wonder what happened to our ole pal Joe the Plumber? Where is that bald headed freak?


Put a ring on his ear and he could be Mr. Clean

Good ol' Joe

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has hired a pr manager and is working on a book. He also wants to start a charity, wherein he, "only takes a small amout for personal use". Of course, he'll need a wardrobe to go with all of this.

Get your Muslim on!

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Here's Joe the Plumber in a previous life

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Is Mr. Clean a muslim?

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He looks like a genie!

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