Ye Olde Constructive Criticism.

Just a few things I have noticed in the two days playing around here:

1) I'm sure this is just a bug and you're probably already working on it, but I find I have to re-log-in (there's a word for that, I'm sure) every five minutes or so. It'd be nice to have a "remember me" or "stay logged in forever" option. (I'm using IE if that's important.)

2) The "Is this post worthy to remain" thingie is... weird. Especially since it tends to be in a larger and more distracting font than the post in question. Does it serve any purpose?

3) Not a life-or-death thing but the picture posting option needs to be looked at. It doesn't want to work for me.

Other than that, you've all done a terrific job and I can't thank you enough.


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Notwithstanding all the bugs we discover

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as each of us gets more familiar with Cranky2.0, it's still a great place. How jazzy keeps his shit together and tries nightly not to hang himself as he continually has to iron out bugs is beyone me.

Thanks for a great new site.

Now, for my list of complaints:

1) No, no. Just kidding.

2) See #1.

Yeah, don't get me wrong.

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I knew there would be some bugs to work out, but so far the site is incredible.  We all owe Jazz and his helpers a bag of Swedish Fish.  XD

You all can have as many Swedish fish as you want,

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but I'll take these to the bank:

The world's best

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