What a day for movies on television.

During the afternoon, TCM showed 'The Lion in Winter', an absolute classic and one I feel remiss in not including on my favorite movies list.  What a treat; what acting, what writing, what everything, just a fantastic film.  Makes you hope the people who lived those lives were half as entertaining for their own sakes.

Then in the evening for our bad movie experience of the weekend, my girlfriend and I watched 'Ba'al, The Storm God' on that always sure to please SciFi, errrrrr, SyFy Channel.  They certainly have their tag line accurate: Imagine Greater.  How apt, cause everytime I watch SciFi, errrrrr, SyFy Channel, I inevitibly imagine how much greater what I watched could have been.  This gem had at the tip of its iceberg Sumerians in the Arctic and the Western US; archeologists who get dates and cultures so horribly wrong you'd think those in that field make the crap up as they go so long as the names sound 'cool'; and a badly used character who wore corporal stripes on his sleeves, had captains bars on his collar, and was referred to throughout as Lieutenant.  The least they could have done with that particular fiasco is call him Corporal Captain as a nod to MASH, but no such luck.  Yep, I'm imagining greater alright.

Fortunately for me, my girlfriend left a stocking stuffer out and when I saw it she just shugged her shoulders and popped the 'Brazil' DVD in rather than wrap it for later.  From excellent to abysmal to marvelous, quite the range.


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SyFy is often disappointing

Rajah's picture

Was thinking of watching the upcoming "Alice"

but I think I'll wait and see Tim Burton's version

you can't go wrong with Johnny Depp!

I'm desperately sad about SyFy.

Wulfgar's picture

I used to love The Sci-Fi Channel, back in the early cheesey days; it's too...slicky-boy for me now. I still give stuff on it  a shot, now and again...



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


At least Caprica is coming up.

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I don't think I've ever watched anything on that channel that wasn't created by Ronald D. Moore. Actually, correction, I watch everything on DVD or internet, so I haven't watched anything on that channel, but the only reason it's of any value to me is because of Battlestar Galactica (which is actually really amazing).

I'm probably gonna watch the Caprica pilot soon on hulu



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Is that the one where they were doing a formal court dance while whispering insults to each other?


Yes it is

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oh for the days when scriptwriters did justice to their profession. 

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


You can't do better than Peter O'Toole and Kate Hepburn

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And I think that was Anthony Hopkins's debute on screen

As far as I know

gamerarocks's picture

yes it was, but I wouldn't swear to it.  If I was more interested I'd IMDB it. 

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


I never saw The Lion in Winter

HS's picture

But I enjoyed the hell out of Brazil (which I need to rent again, come to think of it, as I hardly remember it anymore).



A lion doesn't sound like it'd do well in the snow...

TMundo's picture how about watching The Young Lions instead.  It's one of the few black and white films I actually enjoy.  You got Marlon Brando playing a german soldier, and if not for one solo by Dean Martin that seems to only be in there for no other reason than contractual obligations, the film is pretty good.  It seems to depict the personal lives of soldiers on both the american and german side.  Much more fun than some lion freezing in the cold, yah know?

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