You've GOT to be kidding

Just when you think people can't get dumber ideas, this comes along

Seriously, what's next?  Don't bother guessing, you simply aren't THIS stupid.


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Sea kittens?

FearlessFreep's picture

 Sounds like a PLAYBOY spread.


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PETA can rename those fish "Sea Kittens" only if the the Canadian fur traders get to change the name of harp seal pups to "Hockey Pucks."

Didn't Maddox have a good write up on anti vegetarianism?

Baron_von_TMundo_McHeimschins_S._Prston_Esq.,_III's picture

I couldn't find the other one he wrote that PETA actually responded to, but it basically was along the lines of how plowing out a field to make way for soy beans kills and displaces animals from their natural habitat for the sole reason of not eating meat, basically negating the purpose.

Then there was thatprotest of the name of a river calledFishkill

Baron_von_TMundo_McHeimschins_S._Prston_Esq.,_III 's picture

somewhere in upstate New York. Apparently some activists thought the name reaked of animal cruelty. However, it turned out kill is dutch for river.

Cuddle up next to this Sea Kitten

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Yeah, I understand veganism, but I just can't do it.

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...I needs me meat.

Hmmm, upon reading the article, I think it's kinda cute!

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I don't like fish anyway, y'all can have that stuff.

This from the article...

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"Most parents would never dream of spending a weekend torturing kittens for fun with their families,..."

Hey! You raise your kids your way, and I'll raise mine my way, okay?

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