Share your thoughts/observations/stories on you wint'ry holiday of choice, won't you?

How about we get the ball rolling with awkward gift-giving/recieving stories?


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Gag gifts

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I guess I started it myself.Each year I'd try a different way to wrap my gift to me nephews. It started out with the box within a box within a box gag. Then it went on to encasing their gift in concrete or wrapping it in barbwire and handgrenades. I even gave my sister a Humping Humphrey a chihuahua that would hump her leg and moan. Now I get mostly gag gifts. What did I ever do to deserve that?

I always do that

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 Once I taped the present to the bottom of the box so that they couldn't shake it to hear what it was. then I put the present itself in the closet and then I put a note in the box telling them to go to the closet

It's hard to beat "A Christmas Story"

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"Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl." 


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

At one office I worked at my

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At one office I worked at my secret santa gave me a sweater and a joke gift.  A little wind up penis that hopped around.

The entire office hushed, waiting for me to get on my P.C. high horse.  They were not expecting me to get hysterical laughing because I already had one.

Now I'm not sure everyone will get the faux pas here.

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To be fair, my cousin's girlfriend had never met me.  So, she didn't know too much about my tastes other than what my cousin had told her.  She knew I liked animation.

So she gave me a straight-out-the-bargain bin inches thick book of Anime-themed clipart.

And here's where it gets very awkward: I am a freelance illustrator.


Madness your post aggravated me

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Not you personally.  But this whole x-mass nonsense assumes that we have to spend about a gazillion hours researching the person we are giving the gift to.  Why?  Just give them some cash and let them buy what they want.


{;-) Dan (bah humbug) in Miami

Well, you find out how well people know you

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My sister-in-law once gave me some Dean Koontz novels. I'd rather poke out me eyes with a hot iron before I'd read Koontz! Stephen King is the man!

I do all my shopping at The Junkman's Daughter's Brother. They have everything there! For two years in a row every adult has gotten garden gnomes!

My oldest brother and his wife give the best gifts and cards. One christmas they gave me a card that had a snail wearing a santa hat and it said "Ho Ho Ho Escargot!"

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