12 Monkeys

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I just have one question. Where are the monkeys? A guy goes to a film expecting monkeys and doesn't get any monkeys. Who wouldn't be dissatisfied?

This is a time travel movie from director Terry Gilliam who made "Brazil" and "The Fisher King" and who, after working as a member of Monty Python for many, many years, now has some unquenchable thirst to really bum people out. Bruce Willis is Cole, a prisoner from the future who comes back to the past to find the cause of a disease that ravaged the planet by killing billions of people (is that so bad? A few less people and the lines at the supermarket are shorter, Pizza Hut delivers your pizza faster -- think about it.).

Anyway, Cole is so stupid that he tells people he's from the future and they immediately put him in a mental institution where he meets a lunatic (Brad Pitt) and falls in love with his psychiatrist (Madeline Stowe). Word to the wise:If you're from the future, don't tell anybody because they'll always do one of three things: throw you in jail, beat the crap out of you or put you in a mental institution. Wouldn't people from the future know this?

At least I eventually found the elusive monkeys: They were listed in the screenwriting credits.

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