28 Days

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I'm more than certain that Americans across the country will join me in my deep, abiding concern that Hollywood just hasn't portrayed alcoholism as being fun enough. And who better to give alcoholism that pick-me-up, spunky feeling than Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock has been on a string of real winners lately, and like the final remains of my enchilada dinner, I see her career slowly swirling down the toilet. Let's see, that's "Forces of Nature," "Gun Shy," and now "28 Days" -- right in a row. Did Sandra suddenly start having her dog select her scripts? Seriously, this woman makes fifteen million dollars a picture -- can't she hire someone literate to read her scripts?

Thank God Sandra is fun though, or else this tale of a New York writer, Gwen Cummings, going through drug rehabilitation would have been a real downer. Instead, it's a real upper! I felt downright jazzed after I walked out of this flick. In fact, I went right out and had a drink. Why? Because who wouldn't want to spend 28 days with a group of people as entertaining as the ones in this clinic? And frankly, it's not just alcohol that's responsible for putting them there -- they've done all sorts of nasty drugs. Hell, I think I'll go right out and become an addict because then I can be just like them -- cool, interesting, and on the road to recovery.

Anybody who can form a passable sentence should be just short of manic that director Betty ("The Brady Bunch") Thomas and screenwriter Susannah Grant made Gwen a writer. Was that the one thing they could think of where they wouldn't have to show her doing anything and people would believe it? Those freelance checks grow on trees, you know? The way Bullock picks her scripts, I'd believe she was a small-particle physicist before I'd believe she was a writer.

And, of course, it's called "28 Days" for a reason. That's all it takes to combat alcoholism and be on the road to a spunky, fulfilling life. We wouldn't want that whole recovery thing to be real hard, would we?

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