Two Girls and a Guy

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There's no better example of the kind of perverted lifestyle lived by those at the top of the cinema food chain than "Two Girls and a Guy," a story that has absolutely no business being told on the silver screen.

The film begins with two girls: Lou (Natasha Gregson Wagner) and Carla (Heather Graham), waiting outside an apartment building. Soon, they come to realize that they're both waiting for the same boyfriend, Blake (Robert Downey Jr.), and that he's put one over on them both. They get into his apartment and wait for him to show up so they can all have it out.

The rest of the movie transpires in Blake's apartment, which begs the question: why was it necessary that writer/director James Toback (he wrote "Bugsy") put THIS story on film? The answer: there isn't any, which immediately demeans the whole format. If there's no need to tell a story as a film, why even bother? In other words: if your story isn't cinematic, perhaps you should visit the wonderful world of theater.

As for the story, it revolves around the moral turpitude of its three characters, which is revealed over the course of the film and is supposed to be interesting in some way. By the end of the film - given that they're all liars and cheats - our concern for the outcome has waned considerably, if not completely.

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