Addicted to Love

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I hate Matthew Broderick. There are occasions when I wake up in the middle of the night and every pore in my body is screaming "Kill Matthew Broderick! Kill Matthew Broderick!" Of course, they also scream "lick Rush Limbaugh all over" so I probably need to see some sort of psychic dermatologist.

Nevertheless, my pores and my mind are one when it comes to Matthew: I really don't like him. Primarily, I remember him crashing his car in some foreign country while driving with Jennifer ("Dirty Dancing") Grey and getting away with it and now -- for reasons even leading scientists can't explain -- he's found a new thrall in Sarah Jessica Parker (i.e. that woman who looks like Jennifer Grey). Thus, his "I'm ever so cute please love me" persona has been wearing on my nerves for years.

Obviously, that hasn't stopped casting directors, who savor stereotypes like fine wine, from continuing to plague audiences with his presence. In "Addicted to Love" Sam (Broderick) gets dumped by his girlfriend, Linda (Kelly Preston), then spends the rest of the movie whining about how he's ever so lovable and how Linda should love him. Unfortunately, Linda has shacked up with Anton (Tcheky Karyo), a French guy long on experience with equipment to match. So Sam teams up with Anton's dumpee, Maggie (Meg Ryan), to take revenge on their former lovers.

Speaking of stereotypes, Meg Ryan is featured once again in that prison of her own design: the quirky-but-cute girlfriend role. Aware of this, director Griffin Dunne tries desperately to get the audience to be believe she's not all that cute and cuddly by gooping on the dark eyeshadow. It almost worked -- for the longest time I thought she was Lurch from the Addams Family.

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