Against the Ropes

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Here's one of my rules for hating movies: If the story's catharsis involves people applauding the protagonist, that film sucks. This action is even more insidious if the applause is initiated by one character and the clapping spreads to other characters like a virus, finally landing on the film's antagonist, who just can't help himself and claps too. This scenario is the work of the cinema Devil.

The applause here is for boxing manager Jackie Kallen (Meg Ryan), who helps Luther Shaw (Omar Epps) win the Middleweight title. Because Jackie is such a publicity hound, Luther has changed managers and turned to the evil Larocca (Tony Shalhoub). Though Larocca hates Jackie with every fiber of his being, he's standing there clapping at the end because, well, she's just so spunky.

For a film that's supposed to be about boxing, it tells us less about the sport than "Welcome to Mooseport," which isn't even about boxing. Jackie has grown up around the sport, yet there's no instance where she conveys that. Her contribution to Luther's victory involves a ridiculous walk through the middle of the ring during his championship fight in which she tells him he's "got what it takes" or whatever, then tells him to box right-handed. That is the most complex boxing-related interaction in the entire film. Apparently Luther has neither a good trainer nor a functioning brain.

"Against the Ropes" is a low blow, but I'd run into the street singing love ballads if pain in my groin was the only bad thing I felt after seeing this mess.

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This is cool

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like it so far.

I just watched Lost in Translation, not sure what to feel

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I got the hole 'lost' thing, that was pretty obvious right away.

I guess I was waiting and waiting for him and the girl to get together in a bridges of madison county sort of way, and then when he goes the other way it put me off a bit, kinda ruined their chemistry and didn't really take the time to set it back on track which left me disallusioned. So I guess it was like anadulterous move to a friendship that almost became an adulterous move to both of their spouses but in the end he still committed adultery, just with someone else. I was glad the plot didn't follow the traditional romance movie guidlines, but I was still put off by it and wonder if there was something else Sofia could have put into the story instead of the jazz singer. Maybe that was all she could think of, I mean what else could be put in.

The cinematography was on point. Not overly, "Hey! Look at me, I'm good at cinematography!" restrained enough but perfect and balanced.

Wow that post is so big?

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What happens when grundle, oh forget it...

I knew what to feel...

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...disgust. That movie was tripe. Only a step above The Virgin Suicides, which is the most pretentious movie in history. Sophia Coppola = Suck.


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