A Guy Thing

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Jason Lee is so horribly miscast in this film that you'll experience the sensation of the universe shrinking around you while watching him. I'm not exactly sure what director Chris Koch's qualifications are for directing movies or for evaluating humor, but he appears to have a sense of funny that's something akin to Mister Rogers on crack. All the set-ups come across as things that were never that funny to begin with, but are pursued with a kind of "dog eating itself to death" enthusiasm.

Paul Morse (Jason Lee) goes to his bachelor party, doesn't drink anything, but nonetheless wakes up with Becky (Julia Stiles) in his bed and no idea what happened. Of course, we don't get to witness how this comes about, because if it's anything like the rest of the film, it probably wouldn't make any sense anyway. Naturally, Paul doesn't ask because his bride-to-be, Karen (Selma Blair), is on her way over. Becky leaves and Paul soon discovers that she and Karen are cousins (Apparently, Becky has no idea she's dancing at her cousin's fiancée's bachelor party in the first place).

It would really be a simply matter for Paul and Becky to go to Karen and explain the situation. For one thing, Paul is too big a dork not to be believable. However, this doesn't happen, and during the course of trying to hide the situation from Karen, Paul discovers that Becky brings the best out of him and that he shouldn't marry Karen in the first place.

There's almost no sequence in the film that happens organically. In other words, every single preposterous moment flows from another. Becky leaves her bikini bottom at Paul's. Paul hides it in the toilet tank where Karen will never find it. Karen finds it. Becky's insane boyfriend has her followed and takes pictures of her with Paul. The photos fall into the hands of the next door neighbor's kid. The next door neighbor is a pastor. Later on at the wedding, the regular pastor is sick. Guess who's standing in?

"A Guy Thing" is a film that's trying so hard not to be generic that it eschews generic concepts such as "plot" and "plausibility" in favor of a string of freak coincidences. What's not a coincidence is that the result is a truly horrible movie.

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