Air Bud

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Sooner or later the CIA is going to uncover Walt Disney's secret camp in the dark recesses of the African jungle where unsmiling Disney executives armed with cattle prods are trying to teach hamsters how to play golf and cats how to synchronize-swim. What other possible explanation could there be for their annual discovery of some hideously mutated animal that can kick field goals with its hind legs or shoot soccer balls from its ass?

The potential ASPCA boycott notwithstanding, this film actually made me feel good about myself. I mean, imagine if you lived in a town like the one in "Air Bud," where elementary school basketball was the foundation of your cultural universe. If that isn't the recipe for a Dramamine cocktail I don't know what is.

I was also overwhelmed by some of the film's more touching moments. When young Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) cleans up a basketball court behind an old church, he knocks down a fence to reveal a huge lake and a mountain range, which prompts a "wow." Apparently he missed this whole scenery thing on his way over the pass. Later Josh botches a key shot, losing the basketball game and prompting this explanation: "I thought if I made the shot, the guys would accept me." It's truly rare that you see this level of insightful childhood psychoanalysis in a film about a basketball-playing dog.

Finally, I was particularly touched during the scene in which Josh leaves Buddy the Dog to die in the wilderness because he doesn't want Buddy's old owner, Norm (Michael Jeter) to find him. There's nothing like a young kid abandoning a helpless animal to really give me those warm Disney fuzzies.

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NYC residents more delusional than usual

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

I always say you have to be crazy to live in New York.  The people there are proving me right again.  For weeks or months or even years the Knick and Net fans have just been assuming that of course the biggest star in Basketball - or in all of sports for that matter - would naturally want to leave his Ohio roots and settle in the biggest media center in the world.


 News flash to you New Yawkas:  LeBron James already is the biggest name in sports all over the world.  And he did it in Cleveland on a team with no big names other than himself. 

My best guess is that James will stay put.  Call me corny, but I think he really wants to win an NBA title for his home state of Ohio.  Ohio has never won one.  The city of Cleveland hasn't won any kind of title since the Browns won an NFL championship in the 1960's.


 The Cavaliers will offer LeBron a huge amount of money when they meet with him on Sunday.  They can offer $30 million more than any other team according to NBA rules.  In addition he makes enormous amounts of money from endorsements.  The cash the Knicks and Nets are offering is chump change. 

My only slight reason for thinking he might not re-sign with Cleveland is the fact that Cleveland has had little success in building a team around him.  He might be tempted to go to the the Chicago Bulls who have some promising young talent and the money to pay him.  He might also decide to join with his buddy D Wade in Miami.


 Miami has the salary cap space for LeBron and D Wade and perhaps even one more big star like Chris Bosh.  Rumor has it the three would like to join forces, perhaps for the Heat.  

If that happened the Heat would become instant contenders for the championship and the buzz for next season would reawaken a slightly down in the dumps NBA.


Face it New York:  the Knicks and the Nets suck.  LeBron will not be playing for them next year.


{;-) Dan in Miami


PS:  Don't forget that NYC fans are the most obnoxious in the world.  Why would James put up with their crap when everyone in Ohio loves him unconditionally?

PPS:  Miami has no state, city or county income tax.  This is not a minor thing for someone in Mr. James' tax bracket.


Agreed, but NYC fans are not the most obnoxious...

TMundo's picture

...from what I've heard, that title belongs to the Phillies.


who has lived in Ohio, New Jersey & New York but not Philidelphia so what do I know, I don't even like watching sports.

LeBron James Facebook feed

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Mildly amusing if not laugh out loud funny.  From

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Still can't believe that LeBron bothered to take a meeting with the Clippers!  Ha, Ha, Ha, the Clippers! (gasps for breath) Ha! 



NBA inmates running the asylum?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

The NBA is beginning to look like Hollywood after the collapse of the studio system.  The free agent players are consulting with each other in an effort to band together on one team or another.  From Sports Illustrated online:

A Wade-and-Bosh pairing? When Bosh happened to sit in on the Friday meeting of Wade and the Bulls, it provided the sharpest image of the new market the players envisioned years ago when they agreed to become free agents this summer. Their intention was to control the market as no group of players has ever done before.


That's exactly what is happening as the players share information with each other and dictate the terms of their employment. In previous years players viewed each other as competitors for the best offers, and of course that still happens. But this year they are working together and pooling their resources as never before, and for the first time they appear to have better information than the clubs. Another example of this involves free agents Johnson and Amar'e Stoudemire, who were teammates with the Suns and who would like to reunite on the same team this summer, according to a league source who knows both players. One reason why Johnson has been slow to commit to the six-year max deal offered by the Hawks, the source insists, is because he is interested in finding a way to play with Stoudemire. But will he take less money to team-up with his friend? That would be unexpected.


{;-) Dan in Miami

LeBron in Miami

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

The King is coming to the Heat!  There were fireworks going off in my neighborhood when he made his announcement.  How many championship rings can you wear on two hands?

Pat Riley is the evil genius of the NBA!  Take that NYC!  Take that mistake-by-the-lake!  

For all you residents of Cleveland, just remember that Mr. James gave the best 7 years of his life for your town.  The Cavaliers did not build a team around him and they got what they deserved.

{;-) Dan in (party town) Miami



It's not that

Coaster's picture

It's just that people generally have little respect for people who move to Miami.

 Smiley GIF

LeBron James responsible for everyone's happiness

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

According to the sports dweebs of the USA, LeBron James is a great big jerk for not choosing their city to bounce a ball in.  It's a game people!  Get a life!

Was Mr. James supposed to split himself into 6 clones so he could make everyone happy?  He made a decision based on what he thought would be best for him.  The best for him and not for all the losers out there who live their pathetic insignificant lives through the glory of their sports hero demi-gods.  

For all you sports writers out there who are saying Bosh, Wade and James must win a championship right away in order for Miami to stay excited, you don't know this town very well.  Unlike New Yawkas who think it is their birthright to win every championship in every sport:  we don't.  Probably the opposite.  We down here in Hurricane Alley and tarball city are very pleasantly surprised if the local jocks do well, but we don't really expect it.  And anyway there are so many other ways to have fun down here we don't really care that much if they lose.  So there.

{;-) Dan in Miami 

Oh, come on...

Coaster's picture

If you really liked that place, you'd have been Dan_in_Miami by now.

Cleveland isn't the only place that puts a wee bit too much emphasis on sports.  Can you name one thing that the University of Oklahoma has ever produced besides football players?  Naw, I didn't think so. 

I'm an Oklahoma State grad myself.  I'm pretty sure my son chose to attend OU just to piss me off.

Phil Taylor most hated sport writer

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Phil go fuck yourself you little prick.

You are just a worthless little 'tard who can't understand that sports are not important.  Yes we celebrated in Miami when the Big Three made their decision to take their own destiny into their own hands.  Why not?

Michael Jordan was a huge talent that we all enjoyed watching.  He also ruined the NBA with his me first attitude.  Basketball is a team sport.  Bill Russell and those guys took pride in being NOT the top scorer in the league.  They were team players.

Good for the big three.  They got tired of being double teamed in the playoffs.  That will not happen again since they are on the same team.

The workers are taking over their destiny.  As a union man I like that. Fuck the corporations and Fuck SI for being a bunch of weenie retards.

I am not a Heat fan.  I grew up in Indiana where basketball is king.  As a Hoosier I can appreciate good basketball no matter which team is producing it.  Grow up Phil.

{;-) Dan in Miami 

Charles Barkley says LeBron James is not "the Man"

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

 When asked about comparing James to Michael Jordan, who said last year that Kobe Bryant is a better player, Barkley quickly stated that he will never be Jordan. "This clearly takes him out of the conversation. He can win as much as he wants to. There would have been something honorable about staying in Cleveland and trying to win it as the man."

The man?

Maybe I am just an old fashioned, old school, stick in the mud, but since when is basketball supposed to be about just one guy?  Basketball is not tennis.  It is supposed to be a team sport.  People who say that the Heat must win the championship this season are wrong.  Chemistry counts for a lot in a team sport like basketball.  It could very well take more than a year for the talent on the Heat to form into a championship caliber team.

The big three have played on the same team before.  Team USA.  In my not so humble opinion their talents should compliment each other.  In publicity releases LeBron James has been careful to point out that he thinks the Heat are D-Wade's team.  

Better watch out LA and Boston.  The Heat will be hard to beat.

{;-) Dan (with the forlorn hope the Pacers might win something) in Miami




Hey Coaster the Oklahoma Thunder look good in the NBA

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

They seem to building a team more or less the old fashioned way, through the draft.  On the other hand they lost some of their best assistant coaches and they will not be able to sneak up on anybody this year like they did last year.

The weenies at Sports Illustrated gave management of the Oklahoma City Thunder a grade of A- for their off-season moves so far. 

{;-) Dan in Miami



Coaster's picture

Oklahoma has a professional basketball team? 

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