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I don't know what world these filmmakers live in, but the second I graduated from high school, I left high school. Never thought about the place again. As far as I was concerned, that clueless clique cesspool could have been hit by an asteroid and I wouldn't have given it much thought. Furthermore, most of the people who went to high school with me could have been maimed in horrible accidents later in life, and I wouldn't have batted an eyelash. "Oh, Bobby, captain of the football team was gored by an enraged elk? Gee, that's too bad. Beer?"

So, how about some new characters in "American Pie 2"? Is that too much to ask? These dumbass kids go off to college and they still want to hang around each other when freshman year is over. That right there should be a big warning sign. Did any of these people make a single new friend in college? Isn't that the whole point of college? You meet new people, learn new things and stop obsessing about high school.

As far as I could figure, Oz (Chris Klein), Jim (Jason Biggs), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Stifler (Seann William Scott) all go to the same university, where they just can't wait to reunite with their high school classmates. Oz still goes out with Heather (Mena Suvari). Jim wants to bag Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), but he needs advice from Michelle (Alyson Haningan). Kevin wants to get back together with Vicky (Tara Reid). Finch is still into Stifler's mother. They rent a beach house for the summer and attempt to get laid.

From what I can tell from the production notes, Shannon Elizabeth gets second billing, right after Jason Biggs. If I were Seann William Scott, I'd kick my agent right in the ass. The filmmakers should just add a line at the end of the credits that says "and featuring Shannon Elizabeth's funbags." Ironically, she's not even naked in the film and her character, Nadia, only has a few scenes. Did you see Shannon at the MTV movie awards? Apparently, she has no problem being naked in public, but has developed some kind of standard when it somes to teen sex comedies.

Typically, there are all sorts of gags about sex and bodily fluids. What the filmmakers should have done was remove some of the lesser characters and introduce a few who were actually interesting. What is Natasha Lyonne doing in this film? And Mena Suvari? And frankly, Kevin should have gone to college in another country and died of alcohol poisoning. He's dull. This movie is basically a high school reunion one year after high school -- and reunions ten years after high school are boring enough.

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