Anger Management

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Adam Sandler is turning every movie he makes into a personal therapy session. If "Punch Drunk Love" didn't make you regret the invention of celluloid, this virtual retread surely will. Watching Sandler work out his problems on camera would be great if everybody in the world didn't already know he makes $20 million per film. Oh Adam, you have doubts about your manhood? Boo hoo. With that salary, you can hire Ron Jeremy to stand in for you.

In "Punch Drunk Love," Sandler played a seemingly gentle guy whose anger was ready to boil over at any moment. In "Anger Management," Sandler plays Dave Buznik, a seemingly gentle guy whose anger is -- surprise! -- ready to boil over at any moment. After an episode on a plane, the court forces Dave into anger management sessions with the unconventional Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson).

Nicholson utilizes the famed Chekhov acting method to bring us a character that's part Dr. Phil, part Booger from "Revenge of the Nerds." It really just looks like director Peter Segal laced the tip of one of Jack's cigars with some Ritalin and prodded him onto the set with a Taser. Marisa Tomei, who's fallen off the Oscar-winner's ladder of fame harder than a narcoleptic painter, plays Sandler's girlfriend.

Yep, in Hollywood history, the pairing of Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler ranks right up there with the greats: James Woods and Sean Young, Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold, Turner and Hooch.

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