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"Babe" is a film that delivers convincing effects, drama and tension while parading progressive themes. It perfectly manipulates the audience, herding us along a tight pathway in much the same way that the title pig of the film herds his sheep. The unforgivable crime being committed here is that we can now expect even more feel-good, talking animal films. This is no small horror considering that there were, quite literally, four previews for feel-good, talking animal films in front of my screening for "Babe."

Another major drawback to this movie is that it spoils your appetite for nice, creamy B.L.T. sandwiches, which is kind of sad because B.L.T. sandwiches with extra globs of mayonnaise and layers upon layers of bacon strips used to be one of my favorite things. Fear not, however, for I assure any viewer out there that even the most perfunctory screening of the pig-intensive "Gordy," one of the most sloppily conceived and despicable films ever made, will quickly rectify the situation and will make you feel that you have a responsibility to eat as many pigs whole as you possibly can.

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