Bad Moon

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The main attraction of this Eric ("Body Parts") Red film issomething called Dog-O-Vision, which is the director's interpretation of what the world looks like through the main character's eyes. The main character, despite the awesome presence of Mariel Hemingway and Michael Pare (whose acting styles both seem inspired by a news anchor reading a malfunctioning teleprompter), is a big German Shepherd named Thor.

Thor is the first to figure out that Ted's (Pare) little jogging expeditions into the woods every night with handcuffs and chain is just a cover-up for the fact that he's turning into a werewolf. Ted's sister, Janet (Hemingway), despite being a lawyer, doesn't figure this out until it's too late.

Granted, "Bad Moon" is a low budget film, but Ted's transition into the huge gray werewolf sets special effects back a full two decades. Ironically, however, it's obvious the filmmakers turn it into major presentation to the audience as if to say, "Here goes our entire budget -- please, take pity on us." The result looks like something programmed on a TRS-80.

Ted's ostensible commitment to not tearing his sister and her little boy (Mason Gamble) limb from limb doesn't seem very deep. First he distances himself by cleverly moving his mobile home into their backyard. Then he ventures out every night in a jogging suit hoping to chain himself to a tree. He hardly ever makes it and, in the process, destroys a jogging suit and a new pair of cross-trainers nightly, which can get expensive for a guy without a job.

This movie was so unbearable that I would have preferred a literal translation of the title. Two hours of looking up at Marlon Brando's butt cheeks squashed flat against a glass tabletop would have been a preferable to this werewolf masterpiece -- and probably more hairy.

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