The Battle of Shaker Heights

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This is the second Project Greenlight movie and so far the geniuses behind the idea -- Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore -- have proven precisely what is wrong with Hollywood: that the more bureaucratic simpletons who stick their fingers in the filmmaking pie, the worse a film will get.

The original reason for creating Project Greenlight was to allow unknown writers and filmmakers the opportunity to make a film. Ironically, the whole process has ended up demonstrating that when producers and behind-the-scenes people are allowed to bully the starry-eyed winner and control the filmmaking process, the result, at best, is mediocre shit.

And let's start in the place most appropriate for laying blame: the writers and directors who submitted their scripts to Project Greenlight in the first place. How in the world did this one even make it? How did the last script, "Stolen Summer," make it? No matter how good these things might have looked on paper, there's just absolutely no way anybody with any sense could have seen anything in them other than mediocre after school specials.

Here's the thing: Joe Public is a moron. When you let Joe Public decide what constitutes a great script (i.e. great writing), you get shit. Remember, Joe Public can barely read. Joe Public's idea of great literature is James Patterson. Joe Public's idea of democracy in action is a George W. Bush presidency. Joe Public has the intellectual capacity of a Q-tip.

I suggest Affleck and Damon retitle this whole thing Project Redlight and make it something worth watching.

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