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I think every guy who sees this film will be thinking the same thing: if Elizabeth Hurley is the devil and she offers me seven wishes in exchange for my soul, I know what my first wish is going to be, and probably my second for that matter. Frankly, I don't need seven wishes. What the hell good is a soul anyway?

Consequently, I really don't quite grasp what Elliot (Brendan Fraser) is trying to accomplish with Allison (Frances O'Connor). Could anything be better than banging the devil? I don't think so. Hell, now that I think about it, I'd use one wish to pump the devil as Elizabeth Hurley, then another to pump the devil as Salma Hayek, then Christina Ricci, then Sophie Marceau, then Jennifer Aniston, then Margaret Thatcher, then the members of Wham!

So instead of thinking of something interesting, Elliot keeps asking for stupid stuff, like being rich and famous and married to Allison and, of course, the devil turns him into a drug dealer with an unhappy marriage. Naturally, Elliot never quite grasps this thing about being precise with his language and the devil keeps manipulating him. What exactly is the rule against wishing for more wishes? Or how about wishing to live forever? Or how about wishing that the devil didn't exist? Or how about wishing that you were God?

Hurley is about as devilish as a thin slice of pie. Imagine what an interesting movie this premise might make if, instead of playing it for laughs, it was done seriously? There really is a devil. You really do have seven wishes. There really are rules like "no wishing for more wishes." What would you wish for? Would you sell your soul if eternity merely meant being hot and hanging out with the interesting people of history? Leave it to Hollywood to go the wrong way with a potentially interesting idea.

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