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Angelina Jolie must be one of the most special women in the whole wide world. What other woman would so selflessly devote herself to world peace after a break-up of the magnitude of the one she had with Billy Bob Thornton? Most women would go into their closet and just sit there until somebody came and got them out, but not Angelina.

What did she do? Well, she went to Cambodia and adopted a young Cambodian child so that she wouldn't be lonely and then she became the United Nations' Goodwill Ambassador so that she could bring goodwill to places throughout the world whenever she wasn't making movies like the amazing, action-packed "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider." In fact, she just got an award from the United Nations for being a fantastic world citizen.

Now, as if her efforts toward world peace weren't enough, she's gone and made this movie, which is the story of how one woman realizes that she's not doing enough in the world, so she goes to work for the United Nations, just like Angelina, except that Sarah Jordan (Jolie) gets paid for her work and Angelina is a volunteer because she already makes so much money from her movies. However, Sarah gets an even bigger bonus because she falls in love with Dr. Nick Callahan (Clive Owen), who recognizes Sarah's special gift of caring and falls in love with her too, just like movie fans have fallen in love with Angelina.

There are so many wonderful things about this movie I hardly know where to begin, but I think it's best because of the attention it brings to the refugee crisis in the world. Dr. Nick goes to many different places including Africa, Cambodia and Chechnya. There are refugees in all those places and he helps them all and reminds us that we should try to do something for them to.

For her part, Sarah goes back and forth between these places and her home in London where she's unhappily married to Henry (Linus Roache), but she has great kids, so things work out, reminding us that children can really be the answer to all your problems. (The more problems you have, the more children you should have to help you overcome them, I say!) She also has a close relationship with her sister, Charlotte (Teri Polo). Teri was in "Felicity" for a while and since I so loved "Felicity" this made me smile. What also made me smile was the fact that the sisterly bond was explored here, establishing the importance of family and sisterhood.

Another great thing about this movie is the fact that whenever Angelina travels to one of these refugee sites, she's always wearing a fabulous hat. I'm pretty sure the hat industry hasn't been doing so well lately, so to see Angelina in a fabulous hat reminds us all to buy hats, which is good for the many people who make, distribute, and sell hats, including many refugees.

Don't let your own personal borders prevent you from seeing "Beyond Borders"!

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  • Special guest reviewer: Mr. Smiley!

    Mr. Smiley's rating:
    Like having an orgasm and saving the whales, all at the same time!

  • Special guest reviewer: Mr. Smiley!

    Mr. Smiley's rating:
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