Big Daddy

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This is the kind of film that appears to have been written on a roll of toilet paper by a preschooler during a particularly short dump. Either that, or by one of Adam Sandler's buddies after being let go from his fourth or fifth dishwashing job.

There is some serious venom spewing from this movie, probably because screenwriters Steve Franks and Tim Herlihy are beginning to realize their only talent in life consists of riding their friend's coattails through the Garden of Mediocrity. In a bold departure from his usual role as a loser, Sandler plays a mega-loser who jeopardizes the life of small child so he can meet women. There are recycled, offensive jokes about illegal aliens, homeless people and homosexuals, and an O.J. Simpson joke followed by a shot of a black man that couldn't be more inappropriate.

The mega-loser in question is 32-year-old Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) who -- get this -- is a law school graduate. A law school graduate? If that's not a miscasting that unclenches your butt cheeks like a two-gallon espresso with an Ex-lax chaser, I don't know what is. To make a long story short, he's dumped by his girlfriend (Kristy Swanson) and sort of adopts a five-year-old named Julian (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) to win her back. He uses the kid to meet Layla (Joey Lauren Adams), the sister of his roommate's (Jon Stewart) girlfriend, Corinne (Leslie Mann).

Leaving aside the inability of the film to generate an authentic moment of feeling, there's a hatred for women oozing from this film that's sickening. Corinne is a doctor who used to work at Hooters. When Sonny brings this up the first time, it's funny. The forty-third time, it's harassment. That the likes of Swanson or Adams (whose character name "Layla," no doubt, is meant to denote her function) would pair up with a self-serving prick like Koufax is beyond comprehension; that anyone would laugh at anything in this movie is another.

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how bout this your on your cranky sitting on your ass writing movie review and hes making millions od dollars making people laugh their asses off

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