The Big Kahuna

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This so-called movie only has three characters and it takes place primarily in one room. Personally, I call that a play. Me, I don't go to plays because that involves entering that section of town where people think Arugula is an essential nutrient.

So, there's Larry (Kevin Spacey), Phil (Danny DeVito) and Bob (Peter Facinelli), who are all in this hotel room because they're conferencing -- trying to sell industrial lubricants. There's a big prospect out there and Larry is trying to find him, but the new guy, Bob, ends up talking to him inadvertently. Thus, Larry and Phil -- and the company's future -- rests in the hands of Bob, who is also a Jesus freak.

Basically what happens is that these three guys sit around or stand around or shift around and talk to each other and after awhile, because there's just so god damn much dialogue that it's basically unavoidable, you learn a little bit about these characters. You learn that Phil has had some bad luck recently and that Larry, despite his aggressive manner, really isn't such a bad guy. You don't really learn anything about Bob other than he's a naive Jesus freak.

The resolution to all this is that these three guys share a meaningful moment which is evident because, despite their disagreements, Larry smiles at Bob in the end. They've shared their humanity and now they can smile. In the real world, somebody kicks somebody else in the nuts.

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