Big Trouble in Little China

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I could say lots of bad things about this film, but that seems rather stupid after hearing the commentary by Kurt Russell and director John Carpenter, which explains a lot about why so many films get screwed up in Hollywood.

In this case, 20th Century Fox chairman Barry Diller didn't understand the point of the movie and after he saw a cut of the film told Carpenter, "Jack Burton doesn't seem heroic enough." As a result, they tacked on that stupid beginning part where Egg Shen (Victor Wong) explains the heroism of Jack Burton. The film is supposed to start with the scene of Burton's rig coming up over the road.

According to Carpenter, the film is meant to be a hero and sidekick movie where the hero is actually the sidekick but doesn't know it. Burton, of course, is a complete moron and completely useless while Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) does all the ass-kicking. Can you imagine Barry Diller -- the chairman of 20th Century Fox, for Christ's sake, and ostensibly a guy with years of experience in the film industry -- watching a cut of this film and missing the utterly obvious fact that is wasn't meant to be taken seriously? You could have stuck a chimp in the screening room with Diller and the chimp would have figured it out sooner.

In addition to talking about Barry Diller, Carpenter and Russell also spend an ample amount of time discussing what their kids are up to. I don't know about them, but I just spent twenty-five bucks to hear them discuss filmmaking, not what their spoiled little brats do with their free time when they're not in Montessori school. Maybe if these two guys stopped sucking up to each other and people like Barry Diller, they'd make movies they wouldn't have to apologize for 15 years later.

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