The Black Knight

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When I see Martin Lawrence up on that screen, I think of a psychotic guy running around the L.A. freeway without any pants on waving a gun.

How did this guy suddenly become the black Jerry Lewis, and why do black people laugh at him? I find this perplexing. Then again, I'm not black. In the theater where I watched this movie, the black people were laughing their asses off and the white people who weren't pretending they were black were looking around for tweezers so they could yank out their nose hair to pass the time.

To some degree, I think I've figured this out. Black people laugh at Martin Lawrence because he is the biggest idiot on the planet. However, no matter how stupid he is, he is always smarter than every white person in his movies. In this case, he gets transported back to the 14th century where the first guy he meets, Sir Knolte (Tom Wilkinson) is a drunk. He gets to the King's castle where he amuses everyone for awhile, then screws the King's daughter while claiming to be from Normandy.

As you may have guessed, none of the white people knows what to make of Jamal (Lawrence) or figures out that he's not from Normandy. Eventually, one of the King's men tries to kill him, but by that time, Jamal has befriended Victoria (Marsha Thomason), who's planning to take the king down. Though he can't ride or wield a sword, Jamal proves very effective at helping this attack -- in ancient times, there was no known defense against a psychotic guy running around the oxcart trails waving a pitchfork and not wearing any pants.

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