Bloody Sunday

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On January 30, 1972, a march for civil rights in Northern Ireland ended with 13 people dead and 14 more in the hospital (one of whom later died) because, at least according to this film, British soldiers indiscriminately and without much cause chose to fire upon the marchers. Ultimately, according to this one-sided film, this was an act made inevitable by the policies of the British government.

Ironically, writer/director Paul Greengrass is a Brit who evidently has an impressive sense of guilt. To this day, the Brits have hardly acknowledged Bloody Sunday. In fact, the Queen gave awards to the soldiers involved, which puts the British regard for shooting Irish Catholics just below shooting foxes. It makes one wish somebody would pump a couple of rubber bullets into the Queen's ass and ask her what she thinks of it. Would she shrug it off in the same manner she apparently shrugged off the death of 14 people?

The conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants has been going on for so long that most people don't have the slightest clue what they're fighting about anymore, other than whose God is the most righteous. Religion is such a great fire-starter when people all look alike, isn't it?

Ivan Cooper (James Nesbitt) leads the march to oppose the British policies on internment, which allows the British to jail the Irish without a trial. The Irish don't seem to care for the policy. Greengrass uses handheld cameras (which means there's a lot of shaking going on) and employs an editing style that involves long fades to black, a seeming encouragement for me to take a nap.At the end of this film, as the credits roll, we get to hear U2 sing one of their signature tunes, "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," the rights to which probably cost more than the entire budget of the film.

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