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This film really brought back the memories and a smile to my face. First of all, let's look at the title: "Bones." If you don't immediately think of DeForrest Kelley and his role as Dr. McCoy in "Star Trek" you're probably the Devil himself. Since Kelley passed away recently, it made me a little sad, but then I thought about Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner and how they had come together recently and seemed super-friendly, I knew that Kelley must be looking down smiling from heaven and that made me happy too.

Then there's the name of the star of this film, rapper Snoop Dogg, whose name is taken from Charles Schultz's famous cartoon character, Snoopy the Dog. You really have to love somebody who would name himself after Snoopy, and I love Snoop Dogg, particularly his great song "Bitch Niggaz." It's so sweet. I heard he's even starting to make romantic comedies now and I can't wait to rent one of those! Then there's the actress who plays Pam Grier's daughter. She reminded me of Lisa Bonet and so I remembered those Thursday nights I used to spend with my family watching "The Cosby Show" and thinking about how wonderful it was that black people in America no longer had any problems and it made me all nostalgic. "Bones" made me feel that director Ernest Dickerson is nothing less than the black Bob Hope. Thanks for the memories, Ernest!

This film is of the horror genre. Snoop Dogg plays a godfather type guy who gets murdered back in 1979. In present day, some kids buy the house where Jimmy Bones (Snoop) is buried and they release his spirit, who takes revenge on everyone in his house and the neighborhood, where the people who did him wrong still live. Pam Grier still lives there along with her daughter, who looks like Lisa Bonet.

The reason I so love horror films is that they make me appreciate how good life is. I can watch any horror film and think to myself: I'm so happy I'm not decapitated; I'm so happy I'm not crippled; I'm so happy an undead person isn't chasing me trying to eat my brains; I'm so happy I don't live in the hood. No need to bone up on a great time. "Bones" is definitely it!

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  • Special guest reviewer: Mr. Smiley!

    Mr. Smiley's rating:
    If I had a third thumb, it'd be up too!

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