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Animation is fabulous if you're two years old. However, if you're anadult with a fully functional brain, you realize that animation isreally little more than exploitation of the working class.

Whether it's Dreamworks, or in this case, Pixar Animation Studios(partially owned by Disney), it's always those who didn't actually work on the project who blather endlessly about the years of toil that went into making it. Such was the case with Pixar's first film, "Toy Story,"which grossed around $360 million, took several years to complete and probably required the full-time efforts of a couple hundred computer animators. None of it would happen without those animators, but when those box-office millions come rolling in, it's the executives who have thousand-dollar wine and cheese parties and buy million-dollar yachts for the celebrity voices -- while the animators end up wondering which flavor of ramen to boil for dinner.

So remember, when you're laughing at Flik (voice of Dave Foley), you're really laughing at the Bob, the animator, and his starving children.Ironically, exploitation is the very premise of this particular feature from the "fun mines" of darkest Disney. Flik and his fellow ants are being exploited by a group of grasshoppers led by Hopper (Kevin Spacey),who just happens to be the nefarious spitting image of Michael Eisner.The ants slave all summer only to have the grasshoppers come devour their food. Flik, the only independently-minded ant, tries to impress Princess Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) by going out and getting somebody to save the colony. To his chagrin, he ends up with the circus bugs.

Naturally, in the film, Flik and the circus bugs thwart the parasitic grasshopper horde. In real life, the best the animators of this project can hope for is that Steve Jobs, head of Pixar, doesn't soak their food stamps while urinating on them from atop his huge pile of cash.

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