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Remember learning to ride a bicycle?First came the training wheels -- followed by that first, harrowing adventure without them, invariably resulting in some nasty spill. There's an analogy to acting in there somewhere and it fits Adam Sandler perfectly. Someone's pulled the training wheels off his acting bike and Sandler has gone and split his head open on the concrete.

As Sandler tries to redefine the word "pathetic," he puts another feather in the cap of co-star Damon Wayans, an actor well on his way to becoming the poster boy for the buddy film. Having been in "The Last Boy Scout," "Earth Girls are Easy," "Celtic Pride," this film, and an upcoming Steven Segal flick, it's really only a matter of time before Wayans is doing comeback films with Scott Baio and Corey Feldman.

Framed in a collection of one-liners reminiscent of a bad "Saturday Night Live" skit, "Bulletproof" follows the friendship of Rock Keats (Wayans) and Archie Moses (Sandler), two career criminals who get involved in a drug deal with bad guy Frank Colton (James Caan). When Archie discovers that Keats is actually a cop their friendship goes up in smoke, along with the deal, and Keats is accidentally shot in the head by Archie. Showing surprising vigor for someone who just suffered a head wound, Keats then reprises "Midnight Run" by escorting Archie across the country to testify against Colton.

If the story sounds slightly convoluted, it is. As the cinematographer for Spike Lee, director Ernest Dickerson garnered some respect in the filmmaking community. But now, like a dog let off his leash, he's running around Hollywood dropping turds like "Tales from The Crypt Presents Demon Knight" and "Bulletproof." The difference, of course, is that this time Spike isn't around to clean up after him.

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