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Writing this review was an all-around pain in the ass, because unlike normal movies where a reviewer like myself is fairly familiar with the cast, this film is the product of Broken Lizard, a comedy troupe. No one in the cast has a photo up on IMDB, so matching a person's face to a character name suddenly became a journey across the Internet to find the "official" site for "Club Dread."

This search across the Internet became something of an analogy for the search for comedy within the film. What Broken Lizard was shooting for here isn't exactly clear because "Club Dread" is a strange amalgamation of a horror film and a comedy film, yet it's not like "Scream" in the sense that it's a parody of a horror film. In fact, it doesn't have the slightest clue what it wants to be.

That problem is embodied in director Jay Chandrasekhar's character, a British Rastafarian tennis instructor named Putman. Putman is unfunny and entirely annoying. The basic plot of the film is that this island getaway has a madman on the loose but the staff and the guests are so busy partying that they almost can't be bothered. When the staff figures things out, they try to figure out who's killing people without alarming the guests. The island is run by Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton), a Jimmy Buffet wannabe whose song, "Pina Coladaberg," preceded Buffet's "Margaritaville," but didn't hit. That sort of career failure is pretty much common to all the staff.

There was, however, one funny moment in the film. Juan (Steve Lemme) is explaining to the other staff members why he was incarcerated in Costa Rica. After much prodding, he finally admits that he had sex with a goat. Telling his tender tale, he laments: "We were just two crazy kids."

In a theater full of college-aged kids, I was the only one who laughed (and I kid you not). Apparently not one of these people knew that a kid is a young goat. So while I thought most of the humor in this film was extraordinarily stupid, it seemed to be aimed squarely at the target audience.

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