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What is Jerry Seinfeld worth? 20 million? 50 million? 300 million? I really must applaud director Christian Charles's effort to make me give a shit that billionaire Seinfeld is back on the stand-up comedy road and is, oh my gosh, nervous about it.

This is a documentary about Seinfeld's efforts to "get back on his feet" as a stand-up comic. It also follows, at least for a short time until his story becomes really boring and it becomes obvious he's going nowhere, the struggles of a more up-and-coming comedian, Orny Adams. Ironically, Seinfeld is worth whatever he's worth, but still seems more contrite and decent than Adams, who's obnoxious and loud. Obviously, Adams proves an excellent choice by the director to garner sympathy from the audience. Then it becomes obvious he's an ungrateful jerk and he sort of disappears from the film like Emilio Estevez in "Mission: Impossible".

Meanwhile, Seinfeld hones his act. Surprise! He rediscovers that he's a good stand-up comedian. Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief. I know I did.

DVD Comments: There are two feature-length commentaries, some deleted scenes, notes from comedians and some other assorted things. Among those other assorted things are two interviews with Seinfeld and another comic, Orny Adams, but given by Jiminy Glick, who is Martin Short in a fat suit. Somebody might want to explain to pretty much everyone in the world why Jiminy Glick is supposed to be funny. Also, in the deleted scenes, there was a scene early on with Seinfeld doing stand up at some dinner. He's in a suit and the director explains that it got cut because the audience thought the suit made him look successful and the film is about him struggling. Oh right, it's the suit. Thank God for the audience survey.

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