The Corruptor

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After seeing this film I immediately sent my dues into the NRA becauseI'm convinced that everybody in the United States should own and operate a machine gun. Machine guns are perfect NRA propaganda: By some miracle you can fire wildly at people, scare them, but never actually hit them, and damage only property.

I don't think any of the Chinese who fire their automatic weapons endlessly in this movie actually hit anything they really want to, unless it's innocent bystanders. Most of the time they're aiming at New York cop Nick Chen (Chow Yun-Fat) and his new partner, Danny Wallace (Mark Wahlberg), but of the million or so bullets they squeeze off, I think one catches Danny's hand and he wraps a piece of his t-shirt around it and goes right on playing Jai Alai.

The title of this movie refers to Henry Lee (Ric Young), who's plotting to overthrow one of two Chinese gangs while conspiring with a host of different people, including Nick. Director James ("Fear") Foley's point is that in a universe without morals, a lack of certain ethics doesn't necessarily separate the bad guys from the good. This explains the liberal use by both Lee and Nick of naked interns.

Rudolph Giuliani may tout a so-called decrease in New York City crime, but you'll be hard-pressed to find evidence of it in this film. The criminals and what few cops there are run around shooting everything in sight, and nobody seems to care. I suspect that Guiliani is allowed to keep spouting such glowing crime statistics solely due to the fact that this collection of lamebrains couldn't hit Monica Lewinsky's ass with a grenade launcher.

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