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I had the same reaction to this film that I had to the GRE: too damn much math. Really, if I'm going into graduate work in the social sciences, the only math I really need to know is how many secretaries it takes to file away my papers. Otherwise, math is pretty much useless. The same could be said for this Canadian film, in which several people are stuck inside a cube and must use math to get out.

The math knowledge is supplied by Leaven (Nicole deBoer), one of six people to appear inside a square room at the beginning of the film. There's also Rennes (Wayne Robson), an escape artist, Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint), a cop, Worth (David Hewlett), a loser engineer, and Holloway (Nicky Guadagni), a doctor. Later on, Rain Man appears in the form of Kazan (Andrew Miller), an autistic guy.

The cube is made up of 17,576 different rooms and thus the cube is twenty-six by twenty-six rooms across, down, and deep. In between each room are doors. Some rooms are booby-trapped. Others aren't. As they crawl between rooms, Leaven figures out that the numbers in between each room have something to do with figuring out how to get out. There's some blithering about prime numbers and Cartesian coordinates, and I was pretty much lost and pissed off after that.

All I know is that it takes Leaven more than one second to figure out that 645 isn't a prime number, which meant that if I were one of the other characters, I wouldn't have followed the chick anywhere (which actually would have proven to be a good course of action). Monkeys know that 645 isn't a prime number. Pay attention to how noisy the doors are when they open, because in the end, somebody gets into a room without anybody noticing. Had the filmmakers explained that all that math made the characters go deaf, I might have bought it. Apparently, however, they just chalk it up to the characters getting bored by the script and dozing off, just as I did.

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