Dead Heat

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I have long ruminated on life's most mysterious questions, spending hours upon hours in deep meditation: What is the nature of the universe? Is there a God? How did the Great Pyramids get built? Is there a true meaning to life? And how the hell did Joe Piscopo ever get anything even resembling an acting job?

Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo are cops and partners and they quickly discover that zombies are conducting a burglary spree in Los Angeles. It appears that rich guy Arthur P. Loudermilk (Vincent Price) may have devised a way to reanimate dead tissue and is using the zombies for evil purposes.

Det. Mortis (Williams) discovers the situation when he's killed and quickly reanimated. Unfortunately, he only has 12 hours to figure out the mystery before he completely decomposes.

I watched this film quietly wondering if Joe Piscopo now sits at home wondering why Eddie Murphy is such a big star and most of us can't remember Piscopo's name unless we see it on a video box. Given that Joe started body building just prior to doing this film, there are actually moments where Piscopo is just standing there flexing. That Piscopo is worse at flexing than acting is something you actually have to see to believe.

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